Hello Lawyers

This custom-made course is aimed at gap-filling in your legal English as well as improving your professional skills.


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Here you will find the announcements concerning our in-class and extracurricular activities. Please stay tuned!

Dear students,

By Tuesday, the 10th of DecemberI would like you to
A) Listen to episode 3 of the Undomestic Goddess and work carefully on the words and the questions. Please take your time to get your stories ready! (see the question about your B-day)

B) Study legal vocabulary from ENGLISH VOCABULARY FOR LAW — Unit 3.
Please consult the dictionary while doing this job.

C) Write the e-mails according to the detailed task in your handouts.

D) Revise the case that we have not discussed yet.

Dear students,

By Friday, the 1st of October I would like you to do extensive vocabulary work.
A) From the book E-MAIL ENGLISH — Unit 24 — Complaints — all the exercises that we haven’t done in class.
B) From the book ENGLISH VOCABULARY FOR LAW — Unit 1. (basic ajectives).
Please consult the dictionary while doing this job.



By Sunday, the 12th of October I would like you to do a certain amount of work and send it to me using my e-mail address. I will take my time to check it and send you the corrections. Then you will receive a new task for our next meeting on the 25th of October.
1) LISTEN AND TALK: Watch the video and do ALL the tasks in the page. Copy the vocabulary in your notebooks. Send me the tapescript that you will manage to make.
2) LEGAL VOCABULARY: just complete the matching exercise, bringing back to your memory the words you used to know.
3) E-MAIL SKILLS: do the matching from page one and send me the writing tasks from page two.

By Tuesday, the 12th of November I would like you to:
— Complete the writing tasks concerning E-mail English (you’ve got the printouts). Send me the e-mails so that I could see them BEFORE the class (the deadline is Tuesaday moring).
— Study and learn some new legal vocabulary (see LEGAL VOCABULARY section of this virtual classroom)
— In the section LISTEN AND TALK you will find a listening task and the assignment to it. Try your best to cope with it! It is a challenge, but we are here to win!

WARNING! The mp3 file might not work on Ipad! Make sure you listen it on your laptop or desktop.