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Работа жюри


Для начала ознакомьтесь с «примерными ответами» на задания второго тура. Их дала школьница из Сочи, которая участвовала в соревновании на внеконкурсной основе. ПРОАНАЛИЗИРУЙТЕ эти ответы. Какие черты (содержание, выбор лексических и грамматических средств, размер и развернутость ответа, оформление, и так далее) представляются вам важными при оценке такого рода работы?

1) Why were the servants of the charmed castle so happy to see Belle that they threw such a great party?
What did they regale her with? List the dishes!

Having watched this joyful and colorful clip I came to the conclusion that the servants of the charmed castle were incredibly happy to see Belle. I have heard the words of the candle stick: «Life is so unnerving for a servant who’s not serving». The problem is that when someone is deprived of the opportunity to do his/her favorite job — that person gets frustrated and very upset. That’s why the servants of the castle were so enthusiastic to come back to their job. Also they wanted Bell to like the place and stay there in order to break the evil spell. They performed a cabaret-show for their beautiful guest and regaled her with soup,caviar, cake, cheese soufflé, pies and tea.

2) How did the lady’s lack of table manners help to resolve the difficulty in negotiations between the men at the table?

I found this clip really amusing and didactic .The lady in the episode is both beautiful and funny. She lacks table manners which doesn’t spoil her image. On the contrary, it resolved the difficulty in the negotiations between the men at the table because she did some funny things that distracted the men from the negotiations and raised their mood. Sometimes it is better to be simple mannered and even act in a slightly funny way rather than be haughty and self-important.

3) According to this clip, what are the ingredients of Bond’s favourite drink? Name the movie and explain why did this very drink do Bond a bad turn.

This episode is from the film called «Casino Royale» and the main character of the movie is the famous spy James Bond. In this clip he ordered his speciality drink and its ingredients are: Gordon’s,vodka, Kina Lillet, ice, a slice of lemon peel. This drink did Bond a bad turn because it had been poisoned by his enemies who wanted to win the big game and get the money.

4) It is obvious that the characters’ perception of life and food in particular reflects the fact that they are on different sides of Good and Evil. Can you explain why?

In this episode food is the indicator of people’s inner world. There was the curse: a person who steals the damned gold is going to be a zombie. So, Elizabeth Swann is a kind lady with good manners who could enjoy tasty dishes while evil Captain Barbossa couldn’t because he had stolen the gold. For example, the wine which he drinks just leaks from his body. Al in all, food is one of the greatest pleasures of the world and good people can enjoy it without prejudice.

5) What dishes did Bridget finally manage to cook? What delicacies did she entertain her friends with? What attitude of her friends did that ‘great’ dinner reveal?

In this clip we can see Bridget doing her best to cook something tasty for her birthday dinner with friends. However, in spite of her efforts finally she has managed to cooke= only blue soup made of blue string, omelet and marmalade that have really disgusting taste. These horrible “delicacies” just make her friends giggle and joke. However, the friends still love her because they are true friends, and sometimes friendship does not depend on our good or bad qualities. Friends like us the way we are.

Теперь ознакомимся с официально принятыми академическими критериями и параметрами оценки письменного задания. По Вашему мнению, насколько они применимы к оценке творческих заданий?

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А вот и сводная таблица проверки работ участников конкурса преподаваетелями, аспирантами и студентами нашей группы. Видно, что студенты отнеслись к работам школьников более мягко, возможно позабыв о некоторых важных параметрах проверки. Представляется, что лучше судить работы со всей строгстью, но опубликовать на страницах конкурса подробный разбор часто встречающихся ошибок. Тогда обучающий эффект будет более полным. Строгость проверки не обязательно отрицательно влияет на результат испытания. Жюри вправе «опустить планку» прохождения участников в очередной тур.

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