Dear friends,

Please answer these questions to find out if you are under pressure right now! If not, our expert, Valery Kongro has something to advise you — read her notes below the quiz.

Yours, Kate and Lizzie

Составьте собственный опрос для сбора отзывов пользователей
If you have more A-s: you feel well most of the time, you exercise a few times per week. You look in the mirror and are mostly OK with what you see
If you have more B-s: you feel great almost all of the time, full of energy and vitality and you look perfect! Keep right on!
If you have more C-s: you are probably sick or stressed out. You should change your lifestyle cardinally and look after yourself.

If you want to change your life and start looking after yourself, you have to start with some simple things:

1) Drink a glass of water in the morning! If you don’t like a taste of still water, add some slices of lemon into your glass. Also, lemon is full of ascorbic acid that speeds up our metabolism.
2) Stretch in the morning! It is as useful as doing exercises, it increases blood flow to your muscles providing an extra shot of oxygen and waking up your body from sleep.
3) Have breakfast! Your breakfast should be full of vitamins, fiber and grape- sugar. You can find these elements in fruits, veggies and cereals.
4) Have a contrast douche in the morning! It tempers yourself against colds and knocks your body up.
5) Reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco!

It is a thorny way, as you can only rely just on yourself, your success depends on your efforts only!