David Wansbrough, a painter, philosopher and poet,is giving a free public lecture, on Truth, at the Chekhov Library’s Reading Room. It is definitely something interesting — trust me, he is as mad as a hatter! You’ll love hime! (I do)


Youtube presentations. Detailed instructions coming soon. Your task is being currently designed — so the deadline is shifted from 17 October to 20 October (your pilot YOUTUBE project is to be uploaded on the specified page by 23.55 next Monday)

Dear students,
As our own contribution to the celebration of the World Teacher’s Day we are going to trade places this Monday. Which means that YOU will do the teaching and I will be ready to «rest on my laurels». To be a success, please look through your home assignment and try to figure out how to create a nice interesting entertaining and thought provoking class basing on this material and something new that each of you will be ready to introduce!
I see it like that — some of you might volunteer to take up my job for some ten minutes, others could be appointed. So we will be able to enjoy the teaching performance of each student in turns.
Yours, JL

Dear passengers! Our flight is slightly delayed today. We will take off at 13.10


Dear students, if you are planning to get good marks at your exam in winter and in spring, STOP ignoring your home assignments. For you to know — it’s your day-to-day progress that counts, and not just your ability to talk in English. This refers primarily to D.Efimov and D.Liukmanov.

And now, my dear new friends, let’s check how attentive you are and if you have just thought about checking this page at all. Here is my first announcement for you:

In the upper left-hand corner of the page you can see the LOGO of our virtual class. At this point we are using the pre-set logo. PLEASE think of some smart logo for our wiki! You can find the image on the web or create it yourself. Have in mind it should be a small and clear pic. Once you have found the pic you like — please try to upload the image on our USEFUL LINKS PAGE. The manual is HERE. Later in class we will vote on the best logo.