Let’s Live, Not Die

A) Dear friends! Please do brief research of your own and find some inspiring videos of people raising awareness of serious diseases in the 21st century.

B) Choose a problem that you feel strongly about and make a short (1.5-2.5 min) video on the subject.

C) Each project should include
— a catchy title
— a motto (think of a good one)
— the description of the roots/symptoms of the problem
— a statement describing possible solutions to the problem
— supporting statistics
— supporting examples
— future prospects

D) The videos should be uploaded on your own YouTube channel which you can easily create having watched this video manual .

C) How to Upload a Video to YouTube

D) Attach your videos to this page with the help of the WIDGET tool.

Good luck! And feel free to ask your teacher any questions.

E) Please watch ALL the videos on this page. Be ready to judge each one according to the following lines:
— is the message clear?
— does the speaker sound persuasive?
— is the word-choice impressive?
— is the phrasing good?
— does the manner of delivering the message appeal to you? ( eye contact, speech speed, body language, etc)
— is the speaker suffering from stage fright?
— do you like the way the video is made?( odd objects at the background, odd noises, the quality of sound, the light, etc)

Bednenko Alexandra
My project on the topic «Anorexia»
«Terrible beauty of the XXI century».

Manchenkova Anna
«Health before Wealth: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder»

Gorshenina Maria
Oblivion of mind:Time to fight Alzheimer’s disease has come.

Olesya Goldina
Huntigton’s Disease — Delaying the Inevitable

Damien Ogorodov
Bulimia, «A deadly mixture of food & nerves»


Julia Ogorodova
Diabetes, «A deadly sugar»

Dmitry Lyukmanov
Burnout, «The faster you go, the quicker you lose»

Dmitriy Efimov
YouTube Project — Depression

Andrey Shoor a-star.gifa-star.gifa-star.gif
Insomnia: Dying To Sleep

Anna Perepelitsyna
The chronic fatigue syndrome

Alexandra Gordonova calls for Down Syndrome awareness

Arianna Scroccaro a-star.gifa-star.gifa-star.gif

Martina Bergamaschi
The Modern Man’s Disease